12th Maraton Wigry 2024

DATE: 24th August 2024

LOCATION: Wigry National Park, near town Suwalki, north-east of Poland

1) MARATON WIGRY- about 42 km around Lake Wigry – mainly forrest trails and dirt roads, about 4km of asphalt
2) POGOŃ ZA BOBREM – about 13km – forrest trails and dirt roads, only 1,5km ashpalt

ORGANIZER: Fundacja Ultra

CO-ORGANIZER: Wigry National Park

It’s unlikely you will beat your personal best result here.

This is the marathon which brings you to the marvellous places. The stunning course through the Wigry National Park, around Lake Wigry. Narrow and winding forrest trails just next to the lakeshore, long wooden footbridges hanged above deep swamps, dirt road and just as little asphalt as it’s possible…

Running through these landscapes you will breathe with clean air – the region is called Zielone Płuca Polski (Polish Green Lungs).

Want more? No problem – at the aid stations we serve not only fresh fruit and isodrinks but first of all delicious regional food and drinks!

Take a week off  and run one of the most beautiful and most tasty marathon in the world!




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